Three Crochet Tips

Crochet is an art just like every other hobby and takes some skill and a lot of persistence to master it. It is hard for a beginner of crochet to pick up a crochet hook and yarn and make a wool afghan. But with practice you can master anything you put your mind to. This article will share 3 essential crochet tips that can help you with your crocheting but without the frustration.

The most frustrating part of crocheting can be learning the different kinds of stitches. The information can be confusing or difficult to find on the internet. There are even stitches that are trademarked and can go by different names. That can make it even harder to find good information on them. So you want to find the easiest stitches to make first and then learn harder stitches. The easiest stitch to learn is the chain stitch and once you have mastered the chain stitch it is the basis of all other crochet stitches.

The next tip is selecting the correct hook size for your project. Sometimes people pick a crochet hook and then select a pattern that they want to work with but this is backwards. But instead you should select the pattern that you want to make and then use the crochet hook and yarn that will make the correct gauge for that pattern. Gauge is the number of stitches per inch and the larger the hook and the larger the yarn diameter the fewer number of stitches per inch. You want to match the gauge of the pattern to the gauge of that you make with your hook and yarn.

Finally, you need to pick your yarn correctly. If you do not consider all the aspects of the yarn before using it in your project you are only going to be wasting your time working yarn that does not fit your project. The things you should consider are your budget, type of fiber, and the thickness also called weight. All of these things are important. You may have a favorite yarn but if you can’t afford to get enough yarn then you can’t afford to finish your project. If you look for a sale when you can you may find a “buy two, get one free” deal.

Naturally, there is a lot more to crocheting. If you are interested in finding more information on crochet, then check out our Beginning Crochet Guide. You can also check out this page for a free 5 day course of crochet.

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