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We all love tips

Americans are suckers for tips, and lets face it, I am too. I can’t resist the daily AOL teasers, like the one I read yesterday, about ’10 Ways to Improve your Marriage’. I had to click, and read the whole article from tip 1 to tip 10. One click for each new tip. That’s a lot of time spent on one article. Today, I can’t tell you what it said, but I remember nodding with appreciation, as I read it. My point is that people love tips, but do they really use them? Blogger gurus are all big fans of ‘numbered headlines’. If I want to be a successful blogger, I need to give readers numbered lists of practical recommendations they can hang on to.

Do green tips work?

I should have numbered headlines? Part of me resist the idea. I am French after all, and we French have a natural aversion for anything too simplistic. For us, articles with numbers in their headline just lack finesse. Nothing in life is that simple that it can be reduced to a rounded number of recommendations. That’s one thing. If it’s going to work however, I can put my feelings aside, and join the rest of the blogging crowd. The more important question is, in the area of green education, do tips really work? What do people do with them? And do they really use them?

We need for an extraordinary teacher

There are hundreds of sites, literally, that dispense green advice of some sort. Once in a while, I go and visit. I revisit, and I am struck most by what I do with the information. I do nothing with it. Am I not using the stuff, because I lack the motivation to apply it, to begin with? Or is green an altogether different beast? Or are these sites going at it the wrong way? My first thought is that going green, is kind of like trying to do homework in one’s least favorite subject. What’s needed is an extraordinary teacher, to transform the green learning experience. Al Gore started the process. He got us convinced, that green is a worthy subject matter. Next is the less obvious challenge of answering the how’s, and of getting people to do their homework. Green tips are just a collection of loose pages from a yet to be assembled green textbook. A textbook only as good as the teacher.

Marguerite Manteau-Rao is a blogger, ecopsychologist, and green girl wannabe. Since April 2007, she has chronicled her hours as a green girl wannabe in La Marguerite, her blog at:

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Bathroom Green Tips

All of us know we should live our lives a bitmore eco-friendly as the environment is an important topic today. Despite all the talk that is done, very little seems to be happening and certainly not enough to make a difference. In the home there are many different things we can do to improve how energy efficient we are running our homes.


The bathroom is somewhere we all like to be well designed and to have the latest gadgets in such as power showers. The problem is though that power showers for one, have a big effect on the energy efficiency of our homes. In the past, we were all told that showers are more economical in terms of water usage than baths.


This was before power showers with large showerheads were introduced and now having a shower for longer than 5 minutes (which I am assuming most of us do!) actually uses more water than a bath would. However, if you fit an aerated showerhead this can reduce water consumption by around 30 percent. This is not advisable though if you have an electric shower as it could lead to an overheating of the water.


If you choose to redecorate your bathroom then you can think about the fittings you install to something as simple as the paint or tiles you use. If you really want to be environmentally friendly then there are a number of products available on the market that can help you run a more eco-friendly home. Redesigning a bathroom is important to give your home a fresh look and this is especially true if you have left it for many years.


Whenever redesigning your bathroom (or any part of your home for that matter) ensure it matches the style of the house. If you have a traditional styled home then make sure you keep to that style on not fill your home with modern styled products and vice versa. There are many ways of improving the look and feel of your bathroom and if you want to be ‘green’ then there are plenty of ways to do so.


Even the way you clean your bathroom can be altered as there are products that use less pesticides and chemicals that are not good for you to inhale. Find out more online and if you are thinking of redesigning your home then get some advice from an expert before starting any project.