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Here are a few tips I use when I was working with a direct sales company. How to get a customer to listen to you and even buy something. Techniques to get someone to be interested in your product or service.

Everyone knows that any kind of marketing is nothing more but a numbers game. The more people that see’s your product or service the more likely of a chance you’ll get then to buy. Along with that it would be the way how you present yourself and your product/service.

5 Steps:

1. Impression:
This is the customer’s first impression of you. It is also where you want to make the customer feel comfortable with you.

Try these technique:
-eye contact

2. Short story:
The short story answers the question of “who you are?” “what you are doing?”

Avoid using words such as selling, sales, buy, cheap, old, expensive, or bought. Words such as these can kill impulse.

3. Presentation:
Your presentation will answer the question: “What is it?” You will need to built enough impulse here so you can bring up the question “how much it is?”. The key factor in your presentation is to put the product in the customer’s hands if you have a product. This will give the customer a sense of ownership. As people are more likely to buy if they can feel the product.

– Remain excited but not desperate

4. Close:
Closing the deal is making sure the customer has come to a conclusion about the purchase of a product/service.

Keys to closing:
– Be serious
– Have direct eye contact
– Stress the deal
– Assume the sale
– Ask yes – yes question
– Nod your head

Closing lines:
“how many do you want?”
“how many would you like?”
“how would you like to pay for that check or cash?”

5. Rehash:
Get the customer to pick up more or have them refer a friend or family who might need or want one.
This is the most important part as it will help you create more leads or get you another sale to the same customer depending on what kind of product or service that you are selling.

Make the customer feel special! Not everyone likes the same thing.

Always Be in control

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