Camping Tips

When it comes to camping trips, they should be relaxing adventures no matter what it is, a family trip, romantic rendezvous, or a trip seeking adventure in the back-century. There are fundamental things all people should know about and prepare for before going camping, whether it is a camping enthusiast or a novice. Those who are seasoned campers tend to be aware of the necessities, but those who many not camp as frequently or who are taking a small trip may overlook some of the basics.


First of all, know the territory! Be aware of the trail system (if applicable) and the precise location. Come equipped with a compass and if affordable, a GPS in case of an emergency. One should also have a radio to contact authorities in case of an emergency, particularly if camping in the back-country. Also, be aware of the weather forecasts but prepare for sudden changes or unexpected storms, unbearable heat, etc.


Other necessities? First aid kits are essential! It’s important to have the basics and to plan for unexpected illnesses, even those as minute as a headache. Bring EXTRA water. People often under pack water because of its heaviness and space consumption; however, this is the LAST thing that should be compromised. Dehydration can be deadly. There can never be too much water, so keep this in mind. Secondly, be sure to bring enough non-perishable food, in the even fresh foods are damaged or spoiled. Be sure to discard of all food remains as to not attract wildlife or predators such as bears or mountain lions.


Be sure to bring enough layers and extra blankets or coverings. Harsh and unexpected cold can be brutal.


Lastly, be aware of your surroundings. Bringing a basic camping guide is a wise effort to address other things that may be overlooked. Stay hydrated. Stay on trail. Remain aware of your surroundings and cautious of potential dangers. Stay in a pair or group at all times. Be sure to clean up all trash and leave no garbage behind. It’s important to leave nature as it was before you visited. And of course, enjoy yourself, your company, and the solace nature provides.


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Recruitment Tips

All of us at least one time during our life face with situation when we are applying for a job. In that case it’s very important to know how is it better to start, what steps should we do, & so on. We can try to find work different ways: in newspapers, employment agencies or with the help of our friends – but when at last we find something we are interested in we start thinking how we can get this job. & the first step on the way to the work of our dream is resume & letter of application. It is a vital part of the job search strategy. You must develop your resume & a letter of application to accompany your resume for jobs that you may seek. It is an orderly summary of your background data, & should be designed to contribute to your overall persuasive effort. The idea here is to target your resume so the employer feels that your qualifications are a perfect match for the job opening. Like a resume, a letter of application shouldn’t be too long. It is designed to introduce you to the reader & slants your background more precisely to a particular job that does the all-around chronological resume. Because it is a reflection of you, it should be prepared with great care. You shouldn’t forget that the main purpose of resume & the letter of application is to get you an interview.

So next step is interview. It is important to be well prepared for the interview. Most interviews last 30 minutes or less & that time may be the most important in your life. During that time you must make a positive impression. This is your opportunity to show an employer that you have skills necessary or help them solve their problems. You should be able to reduce your anxiety & demonstrate competence & confidence in the interview situation by preparing for the interview. Being prepared for the interview mean that you should know what interviewer will want from you & also what do you want from interviewer. It is to your advantage to ask probing questions about company or to seek clarification or points that reveal you have done your homework. In addition it’s important to research a firm thoroughly, because your future rests on whether you make the right job selection. There are some rules we should remember going to the interview:

– allow yourself plenty of time to get to the interview early;

– dress conservatively, avoid either too formal or too casual attire;

– greet interviewer by name & introduce yourself, act as a guest & follow the interviewer’s cues;

– be enthusiastic about your accomplishments & what you can do, but don’t act superior;

– be frank & truthful & project self-respect, don’t exaggerate;

– be attentive, always ask for clarification of something you don’t understand;

– be talkative & friendly, but concise;

– be prepared to discuss salary, but don’t introduce the subject.

After the interview & especially if a company still interests you, you should send a thank you to the interviewer. This basic courtesy is often overlooked by those seeking jobs, but it’s one excellent method of keeping your name fresh in interviewer’s mind & keeping your file active.

At last after all these steps if you are lucky you can get a letter congratulating you with successful job search. & now you have practically the easiest part: accept or reject a position.

In case of refusing a job, use an inductive approach. In other words, state your reasons first, then the tasteful refusal, & a pleasant ending. Reply as quickly as possible, so that the job can be offered to another candidate.

Acceptable letter should be written using a deductive approach. Begin by accepting a job in the first sentence, follow with any necessary details, & end with pleasant closing.

Finally, there is one last important point to remember. Immediately inform your college placement office of your job acceptance so they will stop referring your name for possible placement.

Getting in a habit of attending to common courtesies such as these, can start you on the right foot to a successful career in business.

So this is the usual process of applying for a job. But it’s only one side of a medal. To understand this process better let’s look at it from another point – with eyes of employer, who is seeking for potential employees. & this process is a process of providing appropriate human resources, or staffing. & comparing with our chaotic attempts of finding job it’s an absolute concrete process. So to be more successful in applying for a job it would be useful to know this process “inside”. It’ll give us an opportunity to understand that while applying for a job we are passing several steps.

The phrase “appropriate human resources” refers to those individuals within the organization who make a valuable contribution to organizational goal attainment. The contribution is a result of their productivity. Productivity in all organization is determined by how human resources interact, & combine & use all other management system resources. Such factors as background, age, job-related experience, & level of formal education all have some role in determining degree of appropriate human resources for the organization.

Appropriate human resources must be provided for the organization as various positions become open. The process of providing appropriate human resources (staffing) involves four main steps:

I.   recruitment;

performance appraisal.

This process can be used to fill either managerial or nonmanagerial positions openings.

I. So recruitment is the first step in providing appropriate human resources for the organization once a position becomes open. Recruitment is the initial screening of the total supply of prospective human resources available to fill position. The purpose of recruitment is to narrow a large field of prospective employees down to a relatively small number of individuals from which one person can be hired. To be effective at recruiting, first of all the recruiter must know where potential human resources can be located.

So there can be different sources of potential human resources:

Internal recruiting – finding employees within the company who are willing or able to be promoted or transferred to another job. Internal recruiting is usually less expensive than outside recruiting. In addition, first – hand data about skills & post performance are available &, finally, promotion can be a motivational factor. But promotion will not remove all necessity for outside recruiting: the jobs that promoted employees leave must be filled.
External recruiting – if for some reason a position cannot be filled from within the organization, there are numerous sources outside the organization:

2.1. General recruiting:

– Publication advertising;

To tap this source the recruiter simply places an advertisement in suitable publication. This advertisement should both describe the open position in detail & announce that the organization is accepting applications from individuals who would like to fill the position. The type of position to be filled determines the type of publication in which the advertisement should be placed.

– Television advertising;

– Radio advertising;

2.2.Direct recruiting:

– Competitors;

There are several advantages to luring human resources away from competitors, & this type of piracy has become a common practice. These advantages are: the competitor will have paid for the individual’s training up the time of hire: the competing organization will probably be weakened somewhat by the loss of the individuals; the individuals once hired, becomes a valuable sources of information regarding how to best compete with the former organization.

– Employment agencies;

An employment agency is an organization that specializes in matching individuals seeking a position with organization in need of them. These agencies help people find jobs & help organizations find people.

– Educational institutions;

Several recruiters go directly to educational institutions & universities to interview students close to graduation as prospective human resources.

– Professional societies.

Finally in order to be effective, recruiters must understand the job they are trying to fill. The process that determines what activities & skills are necessary fro a specific job is called job analysis. There are a lot of job-analysis methods commonly used. Each of them has a same purpose – the systematic differentiation of one job from another in terms of work activities, machines, tools, the product made or services performing. The result of job analysis is a job description – an organized, factual statement of the duties & responsibilities of a particular work role. It tells what is done, how it is done & why it is done. This information allows a personnel manager to write a job specification – a statement of the skills, abilities, physical characteristics, & education required to perform a job. The job specification is the basis for staffing, because it allows a realistic assessment of the employee’s skills & abilities.

The recruiting period (phase) provides applicants fro screening (the process of separating qualified from unqualified or less qualified job applicants). They use such methods as application data, interviews, tests for assessing employees’ characteristics. After candidates are screened, selection begins.

II. Selection involves choosing an individual to hire from all those who have been recruited. The selection process is typically represented as a series of stages through which prospective employees must pass in order to be hired. So in fact, selection is the process of making decision to offer a job to a particular person.

III. After individuals have been both recruited & selected, they must be trained. Training is the process of developing qualities in employees that will ultimately enable them to be more productive &, as a result, contribute more to organizational goal attainment.

IV. After it the process of making that individual a productive member of organization is still not finished. The fourth step in providing appropriate human resources for the organization is performance appraisal – process of reviewing an individual’s past productive activity to evaluate the contribution he/she has made to attaining organizational objectives.

So as we know from the definition, management is getting things down through people, therefore none is as important as human resources, the people with whom manager has to work. So staffing is one of the manager’s functions & it implies providing human resources needed to achieve an organization’s goals. Staffing can also be called personal administration. Staffing includes a wide variety of organizational activities which can be divided into preliminary (job analysis, job description & job specification) & those directly related to staffing – recruiting, screening & selection, & placement.

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Bathroom Green Tips

All of us know we should live our lives a bitmore eco-friendly as the environment is an important topic today. Despite all the talk that is done, very little seems to be happening and certainly not enough to make a difference. In the home there are many different things we can do to improve how energy efficient we are running our homes.


The bathroom is somewhere we all like to be well designed and to have the latest gadgets in such as power showers. The problem is though that power showers for one, have a big effect on the energy efficiency of our homes. In the past, we were all told that showers are more economical in terms of water usage than baths.


This was before power showers with large showerheads were introduced and now having a shower for longer than 5 minutes (which I am assuming most of us do!) actually uses more water than a bath would. However, if you fit an aerated showerhead this can reduce water consumption by around 30 percent. This is not advisable though if you have an electric shower as it could lead to an overheating of the water.


If you choose to redecorate your bathroom then you can think about the fittings you install to something as simple as the paint or tiles you use. If you really want to be environmentally friendly then there are a number of products available on the market that can help you run a more eco-friendly home. Redesigning a bathroom is important to give your home a fresh look and this is especially true if you have left it for many years.


Whenever redesigning your bathroom (or any part of your home for that matter) ensure it matches the style of the house. If you have a traditional styled home then make sure you keep to that style on not fill your home with modern styled products and vice versa. There are many ways of improving the look and feel of your bathroom and if you want to be ‘green’ then there are plenty of ways to do so.


Even the way you clean your bathroom can be altered as there are products that use less pesticides and chemicals that are not good for you to inhale. Find out more online and if you are thinking of redesigning your home then get some advice from an expert before starting any project.


Makeup tips

You want to have your best face toward armed with beauty secrets. The following tips will help you have beautiful makeup.


1. Overall look


The most important tip for you to remember is that your face must look natural after even the most comprehensive makeup. Different colors on your face have to be in harmony with each other. You will look better if skin and hair colors are not the same as your shades’, so your face will be enhanced with light color if you have light hair and skin tone. For your oily skin, you need to utilize control moisturizer, then wearing movable powder.


2. Fitting makeup


Your destination is really important for you to wear appropriate makeup. Going to the beach and going dancing require different ways of making up. Bear in mind that makeup for nighttime should be colored more than for daylight.


3. Lips


The first thing is that lip color has to be suitable with your skin tone. Different skin color will need different lip color. Make up your lip with cool color if you have cool skin tone and vice verses. Secondly, lipstick will not stay alive longunless the lips are not coated entirely. Thirdly, if you have thick lips, you should draw a line inside them. Nonetheless, it is not true for thin lips to do the contrary thing. This will make your lips neither larger nor relatively untidy and natural.


4. Hair color


Hair color also needs to be suitable with skin color. The color you add to your hair should be fairly like your shade. Light color is good for light hair. When coloring your hair, do remember to have your hair roots covered.


5. Enough wearing


Makeup is the way to hide the unattractive points and brighten the good looking points on one’s face to catch attention from others. However; if your face is made up excessively, too much, you will be observed unlike the way you desire. Here is what you need to know:


 Eyeliner: a very dark and thick eye shadow will spoil your whole face.


 Mascara: wearing too much mascara will make your face unnatural. It will also ruin your whole face when attributed by thick and dark blue eyeliner.


Foundation: your face will look soft with foundation if foundation color is like your skin.


Powder: And powder is also not an exception. Be sure that the lineS will be obvious if your makeup is not intermingled.


6. Hardly wearing makeup


Some women lack knowledge on the ways to wear makeup beautifully, so they are not fond of showing off. Set up without too dark colors and put on one kind of makeup step by step. First is the foundation, and then mascara, blush or lipstick. Very light makeup is still too much for those who are not accustomed with it, so start with the bottom line. It is better than without wearing makeup. A good advice from the expert will help much in case you are still unconfident.


7. One last thing


Always refresh your makeup for the whole day. Do not let your makeup lose color and create winkle. Have a smirk!



If you want to read about more beauty tips and techniques, visit our website You will find much more info on health & beauty products & tips to help your skin and health problems. Please feel free to post your message or respond to the postings there.

Computer Tips

Computer errors are very common and every computer user may face different kinds of issues so they should learn about the solutions of the common computer related problems. The common factors that cause problems in computer are viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, adware, corrupted registry, faulty hardware, low memory, low capacity hard disk, low CPU speed and stuffing computers with large number of software applications. In this article, I have compiled a list of the most common computer problems and their solutions.

Computer is very slow

This is very common issue and it arises due to the several factors such as too many programs running at the startup, low RAM, low processor speed, spyware running as a background application, errors in the Windows registry and the buildup of the garbage files on the hard disk. Scanning your computer with an up-to-dated anti virus and anti spyware program, cleaning and repairing Windows registry, increasing memory, deleting temporary files, deselecting the programs at startup and uninstalling unwanted software applications can solve this problem to a very large extent.

Network Server is not accessible

In a networked environment every computer depends on the server for logon authentication, files access, internet and printing access and sharing server resources. The downtime and the communication failure with the server are very problematic and frustrating for the users. Check both end of the network cable and make sure that the attached RJ-45 connectors are properly plugged into the LAN card and hub/switch. Ping the server’s IP and make sure you get the reply from server. Ensure that your server is on and working fine. A large number of the running applications on the server and simultaneous access to the server from a number of users can slow down the performance and speed of the server. Scan your PC with an up-to-dated antivirus program because certain viruses and spyware are responsible for the communication failure. Replace your LAN card with new one and assign different IP address and try to connect with the server.

Computer locks up or freezes

Missing .dll files, viruses, faulty registry, defective RAM and spyware slows down the performance of the server and it locks up frequently. Scanning PC with the anti virus and anti spyware program, cleaning and repairing registry and increasing RAM can solve this issue.

Computer won’t boot

Faulty power cable, power extension and power supply all contributes to this problem. Checking one by one each of the above components can pinpoint the problematic part. Simply replace that part with new one and your compute is okay.

Computer reboots itself

Defective cooling fan, power supply, RAM, viruses and spyware can cause this to happen.

Memory usage is maximum in computer

Either the memory is less than the recommend memory to run certain applications, swap memory chips with each other, scan your computer for viruses and spyware, increasing the page file and physical memory can overcome this problem.

Browser’s home page has changed itself

This is most likely a spyware problem and scanning computer with an up-to-dated anti spyware program can fix this issue.

Computer’s clock losing time

If you see that your computer’s clock is losing time frequently replace your CMOS battery.

My computer can’t get connected to internet

Check IP address, gateway address, scan your PC for viruses and spyware, check network cables and make sure that server’s or gateway’s firewall application is not blocking http requests from your PC.

Computer making noises

Faulty RAM, VGA, hard disk, Sound card, Processor and other components produce noises. Make sure that each hardware device is properly connected inside the PC and if the problem is still not resolved then replace the faulty hardware component with new one.

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Balderdash Tips

Balderdash is a great game if you are feeling creative or you just have a very huge vocabulary. There are a few things you can do in order to help you win the game.

1. Wright Short Definitions

Let’s face it you are playing the game you are probably going to guess on the majority of the words. That isn’t necessarily bad, because if other people think your answer is the correct definition then you can still get points.

So how do you write the best answer? Well for starters keep it short. Don’t make it a paragraph but a short answer.

2. Make it Crazy

The real answer is often times something very crazy that not many people would think of. If your answer is a crazy guess with a lot of details chances are it will stick out from the rest and other people might actually pick it as the right answer.

3. Use Details

When you are creating your best guess it is normally a good idea to use the most details as possible. Instead of saying something like, “a type of bird” think about saying of something like, “A type of bird found in the northern part of the sierra desert”. This way it actually looks like a definition and people might pick it as the actual answer.

4. If You Know it say it

Of course if they put out a word and you actually know what the word is or have heard it before you want to actually say the right answer. It is nice to get the 3 points for having the right answer plus it makes you look a whole lot smarter.

5. When all else Fails be Funny

Ok it might not be picked as the best answer, but if you can say something funny you might as well put it down. Remember you are playing it to have a good time, have a few laughs.

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Job Interview Tips

Having a job interview makes you anxious? This article describes what aspects should be monitored to successfully face this process. As recognized, the most important thing is that the interviewer finds a safe and positive impression of you at first sight. The personal interview is the most important test of any selection process. Although there are no recipes for overcoming it successfully, it is essential that the candidate spend a reasonable time to prepare for his meeting, so it can “provide clear, concise information about his career and a secure print”.

What aspects of the aspirant must prepare before attending a job interview?

It is recommended that the applicant review all data on your resume and reconsider about their motivations and expectations regarding the vacancy. During the interview, the coach will seek to “identify the competencies and capabilities of the candidate, in order to assess their suitability for the post.”

Structure of the interview

The interview is usually divided into three phases: the start of the appraisal and closing. During the first, it is important that the candidate care issues such as greeting, shake hands warmly, addressing the selection of treatment with you and express gratitude for the opportunity you are providing.

In the second stage, the interviewer will explore areas related to career training and employment of the candidate and the reasons for the role. The goal of screening at this stage is to clarify expectations, skills, abilities and professional attitudes. Although it is uncommon, the applicant may feel uncomfortable with questions raised by his interlocutor; it is advisable to address this situation in a natural conversation, responding to safety and in an honest manner.

At the end of the interview, the candidate selector presents all the information about the general conditions of the post. It is at this point that the applicant should remove any doubt, and reiterated their interest in the position and briefly explain why they ran for the job.

Job Interview Answers provides quality tips to improve your skills and successfully face a job interview.