PMP Exam Tips

Sitting PMIs PMP® certification exam can be a daunting task, especially those project management practitioners who have been in the field for years and haven’t had to write an exam since college. I’ll try to give you some tips that will help you maximize your score in the exam and allay some of the fears you may have about sitting it. First, some facts about the exam:

The exam is a multiple choice exam with 200 questions; each question comes with 4 possible answers.
You have 4 hours to complete the exam.
Approximately 40% of the questions will be what PMI terms “situational” questions, that is questions that place you in project situation and ask you to choose a course of action.
You must have 35 hours of project management training to sit the exam.

The tips that follow should improve your chances of passing the exam but won’t replace the hard work you must invest in order to acquire the knowledge the exam tests. Remember that the purpose of the exam is to test your knowledge of PMI’s project management best practices, not your proven ability to successfully manage projects. Here are some tips that will ensure your hard work pays off:
Do not attempt to write the exam fresh from your project management class. A good PMP® Exam preparation course provider will tell you to do more reading and practice exam questions. They should also direct you to training products specifically designed for the purpose. On-line or software based training products such as three O Project Solution’s AceIt© or Rita Mulcahy’s PMP® Exam Prep System come with the training materials which provide you with your 35 contact hours of project management training plus the exam preparation materials that get you ready to pass the exam.
Relax. PMI does not want you to fail the exam. They do want to ensure you have grasped the best practice captured in the PMBOK® but they also fine tune their exam to ensure an acceptable pass ratio. In fact they recently lowered the passing grade in order to do this!
Many of the questions in the exam contain 2 answers that are technically correct. You must choose the best answer. The best way to accomplish this is to take practice exams, such as the ones in the products I’ve mentioned above.
There are still a few formulas to be learned (mainly in the cost management area). Memorize these and their applications then write them down on the scratch pad that will be provided in the exam room. Do this before beginning the exam and you won’t have to dredge them from memory in the midst of an anxiety attack.
Answer all 200 questions. Even if you don’t think you know the correct answer, even if the question makes no sense at all to you, answer it. You’re not penalized for wrong answers so answering a question can only increase your chances of success, it can’t decrease it.
Don’t hesitate to go back and change the answer to a previous question. You will encounter the situation where answering one question provides you with further insight into a previous question (“if this is the right answer for this question, and I know it is, then answer b can’t be right for question 74!”).

Following these tips won’t guarantee that you will pass the exam, but following the tips, working hard and practicing simulation exams until you ace every one will.

We mentioned 2 products which contain the tools you need to breeze the exam, there are plenty more available. If you Google the words “pmp exam preparation” will provide you with an extensive list. The one I’m associated with is AceIt©. You can find out more about AceIt on our web site at:

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Painting Tips

If your office building needs a new coat of paint then you may need to buy the services of a Texas coatings company and a Texas scaffolding company. If your apartment building or complex requires a paint job than you may need to hire the maintenance men and women from a Texas coatings company and a Texas scaffolding company. As you can see, there are many jobs that require both a coat of paint and scaffolding to enable the building to be painted. It is recommended that if the building is more then three stories tall that scaffolding be used. So if you know of a building that meets this guideline and is in desperate need of a new coat of paint then you should hire a coating and a scaffolding company to do the job. But, before you hire these companies there are several things that you need to consider.

The main thing you need to consider is if your building actually requires scaffolding to be used to paint it. Scaffolding is not cheap to rent, so it is a wise decision to see if you need it. If you know anyone with painting expertise it would be a great idea to consult him or her. If you do not know anyone who knows about painting and scaffolding then you should put in a call to a reputable painting company in your local area. Their advice will probably be free. Once you figure out whether or not your painting job requires scaffolding then you can continue the process. If your painting job requires the use of scaffolding then you should put in a call to a scaffolding company as well as a painting company. If your painting job does not require the use of scaffolding then all you need to do is call a painting company. These are the chief things you need to be aware of when beginning your painting job.

Another less important thing that you need to consider is what color you want to paint the building. Do you want to keep it the same color or do you want to change it to something new? The color you choose will determine how many layers of paint need to be added. If you want to paint a white or tan over a dark purple then it will take a lot of layers of paint to completely cover the dark purple. On the other hand, if you want to paint over white with green then it will take fewer layers to mask the color. This is important to consider because more layers of paint cost more money. If you are on a budget then little things like this are extremely important to consider. These are just two things that you should consider when embarking on the painting process. There are many other important things to consider that impact the cost, look, durability and more of the paint job. Be sure to consult reputable companies. Good luck with the painting process.

Chuck Stewart recently worked with a Texas coatings firm as new developments occur regularly in this field. He also studied the work of a Texas scaffolding company when he went out for bids on a new project.

Bodybuilding Tips

As you embark on the strictest of routine for bodybuilding, you have to realize that your body will be going through a lot of strain. So you must allow it to have enough nutrients to keep going. Have regular meals throughout the day. Eat at least 6 meals a day. However, never overeat. And it is to stop you from gorging that we are suggesting you to have a number of meals so that you never go hungry. With the food, also have plenty of water everyday. Workouts involve a lot of sweating so to keep your body hydrated drink anything between four and five liters of water everyday.

Check your Gym

Before you enroll for a gym try to find out if they have all the facilities on offer which you are looking for or not. And apart from the facilities, what you will also need is a qualified trainer who can guide you through the entire process of bodybuilding. Although many of us do not lay that much stress on this and just go to the nearest gym, it is something you should never ignore if you are truly keen on bodybuilding. You will be investing a lot on your membership fee, so you should not compromise. The other thing you must do before joining the gym is to consult your personal physician to make sure your body will be able to withstand the workout you are planning to undertake.

Figure Out a Routine

Once you have joined the gym, the next thing you will need to do is to figure out which are the exercises that work the best for you. While your trainer at the gym will be the best person to help you out, you can also help yourself by reading up on the topic. A huge amount of writing could be found on the Internet. However, you should make sure that you are referring to the proper articles, as on the net you can also get a lot of trash. Once you know the routine, you will have to single-mindedly pursue that routine. Give the best you have, maybe a bit more. However, you must remember a few of things. First of all, do plenty of stretches and warm up your body so that all the muscles are loose and in the right condition to undertake more rigorous challenges. Secondly, ensure that you have the right posture while performing the exercises. Thirdly, you should not push your body excessively as it might lead to breakdown.

Allow the Body to Rest

In your routine you should allow at least one off day every week so that your body has enough time to recuperate. Since bodybuilding involves a lot of strain on your muscles, there can be minor wear and tear over the week of exercise and this rest day allows the body the time to fix such issues. Also when you are planning the workout routine with your trainer do not suggest that you want to improve only your biceps or abs. Remember that the best of bodybuilders give equal importance to all the parts of their body. The other thing that you can do is to add variety to your training routine. This will kill boredom and you will be able to stay focused.

Be Mindful of Your Eating Habits

While lot of exercise and careful eating habits will greatly improve your features, for many bodybuilders a major issue becomes gaining body mass without gaining extra fat. The solution is to add proper supplements to your regular diet. That way you can gain body mass quickly and help develop your muscles in a shorter span of time.

To know more, please visit – Bodybuilding Tips

Three Crochet Tips

Crochet is an art just like every other hobby and takes some skill and a lot of persistence to master it. It is hard for a beginner of crochet to pick up a crochet hook and yarn and make a wool afghan. But with practice you can master anything you put your mind to. This article will share 3 essential crochet tips that can help you with your crocheting but without the frustration.

The most frustrating part of crocheting can be learning the different kinds of stitches. The information can be confusing or difficult to find on the internet. There are even stitches that are trademarked and can go by different names. That can make it even harder to find good information on them. So you want to find the easiest stitches to make first and then learn harder stitches. The easiest stitch to learn is the chain stitch and once you have mastered the chain stitch it is the basis of all other crochet stitches.

The next tip is selecting the correct hook size for your project. Sometimes people pick a crochet hook and then select a pattern that they want to work with but this is backwards. But instead you should select the pattern that you want to make and then use the crochet hook and yarn that will make the correct gauge for that pattern. Gauge is the number of stitches per inch and the larger the hook and the larger the yarn diameter the fewer number of stitches per inch. You want to match the gauge of the pattern to the gauge of that you make with your hook and yarn.

Finally, you need to pick your yarn correctly. If you do not consider all the aspects of the yarn before using it in your project you are only going to be wasting your time working yarn that does not fit your project. The things you should consider are your budget, type of fiber, and the thickness also called weight. All of these things are important. You may have a favorite yarn but if you can’t afford to get enough yarn then you can’t afford to finish your project. If you look for a sale when you can you may find a “buy two, get one free” deal.

Naturally, there is a lot more to crocheting. If you are interested in finding more information on crochet, then check out our Beginning Crochet Guide. You can also check out this page for a free 5 day course of crochet.

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Snorkeling Tips

There is no point spending your vacation in Florida addressing your Tampa floor cleaning or Tampa stone cleaning needs, especially when you could be experiencing the beauty of the great nature that Florida has just waiting to be discovered and seen by you both on land in the everglades and in the beautiful waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. There are some fantastic places to scuba dive and snorkel in the areas all around Florida, but before you put those fins on and dive into the water, there are a few things you should know before you actually go snorkeling. These tips and pointers should help you to enjoy yourself while you snorkel as well as stay safe and have the most fun possible by following a few easy to follow tips.

The mask is a basic part of the snorkeling experience, it enables you to see wildlife through crisp clear views that are not hindered by getting water or salt water into your eyes. Make sure that the mask you get fits your face, both so that you will be comfortable and so that it will not leak all the time, so you don’t get water into the mask and then will not be able to see anything at all. A good way to tell whether or not a mask fits you is to hold it against your face and then let go to see if it stays because it has a good seal, and therefore will remain sealed underwater and not let water in, but remember too that a lot of dive shops will have very experienced divers working in them, so it is also a good idea to listen to what they have to say and to trust their judgment in many cases. When you actually get around to using the mask you should remember a simple trick that scuba divers and snorkelers have used for a long time to prevent the masks from fogging up too much. What you should do is to spit into your mask and rub it over the inside of it, then rinse it and it should stay fog free the whole time you have it on.

Finding the right snorkel for you is easier than finding a mask that fits properly, as you can just make sure that the mouthpiece is comfortable inside your mouth when you put it on, that it has a place to hook up to the mask so it stays at the right angle and so that it won’t get lost when you go out in open water, and make sure that it is long enough so that it won’t choke you when it gets submerged in water.

You don’t really need fins to go snorkeling, but because they allow you to go faster with less effort, they are recommended by many experts, especially if you want to go out far into the water or go deeper when you dive below the surface. If you do decide to get them then you should make sure that they fit comfortably, whether that means getting cushions so you don’t get blisters on your heels or getting fins that have holes for your toes so that your feet will fit comfortably and also be able to move well.

Connor Sullivan hired a Tampa floor cleaning and Tampa stone cleaning company for his parents who needed a little help with the house work.

Self Esteem Tips

Having a low sense of self can be one of the more destructive and damaging habits and mind frames that one can possess.  The lower that you see yourself and your abilities to achieve or accomplish the things that you want in life,  the harder it is going to be to convince anyone else otherwise. 

One of they core ingredients of ANYONE who is living a happy and successful life is that they have a genuinely high sense of self and they seem themselves of having the abilities to get out there and take the world by storm!

The more that you can learn to see yourself as someone who has the skills and the rights to accomplish their dreams and to live a fun and enjoyable life,  the more others will see this as well.  And that can lead to many new opportunities for yourself and for your future.

Here are some tips that can help you to raise yourself esteem:

1.  Think of past times when you have succeeded in any area of your life.  Remember how it felt and allow yourself to feel that joy,  that satisfaction,  and the confidence that you did then when you think about it.  Let it resonate with you for a while.

2.  Go outside your comfort zones once in a while.  Sometimes even the smallest push outside of the box can help you let go and feel a little more free and this can help you to develop confidence in areas where you may have been lacking it before.

3.  Give yourself some praise.  Most people do not allow themselves to give enough quality self praise and the more that you do this,  the more you will find that others begin to do the same.

Use these three tips and allow yourself to develop a higher sense of self and know that you are worthy of the praise,  the esteem,  and the opportunities that are waiting for you!

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Cufflink Care Tips

Cleaning your cufflinks regularly is a good habit to develop. It would long benefit a man if he knows how to take care of his belongings and nifty accessories. Well-maintained cufflinks are clean, shiny, and looks almost new. Otherwise, it obviously shows. By taking good care of your cufflinks, you are unlikely to buy a new pair soon because your cufflinks are still in good condition.

Proper caring of your cufflinks is also essential if you want to preserve them for a long time, especially practical if you have a set or collection of valuable cufflinks like gold cufflinks, diamond cufflinks, and vintage or antique cufflinks.

Here are some simple tips in caring for your cufflinks:

Avoid shoving them in carelessly, like almost tossing.

Find a clean, cool, and cushioned storage place where you can keep them in. For example, a cushioned jewelry box. This doesn’t have to be expensive. If you want you can even make your own. Just make sure you use soft fabric, like silk or 100% cotton, as inlay of your storage. This way, you can protect your cufflinks from getting scratched in contact to rough surfaces. You can also put your cufflinks inside small zip lock plastic bags before shutting them in jewelry box.

An airtight, cushioned storage space is better, especially for silver cufflinks to delay tarnishing.
Clean your cufflinks every time you take them off, even if they don’t look dirty. You can basically just wipe them clean if you don’t want to soak them and all that. This is ideal when you wear cufflinks rather frequently, say, with office attire.

Make sure they’re clean before you tuck them away. If you’re keeping them away for a long time, check them at least once in 2 or 3 months. Wipe them with a soft fabric to keep off any dust.
Let’s say you accidentally got your cufflinks dirty while you’re wearing them, clean you cufflinks right away, either wipe the dirt or rinse them with running water. Then clean them with a mild cleansing solution when you got home.

When cleaning cufflinks, prepare a mild cleansing solution of diluted soap in water in a bowl. You can also buy jewelry cleaners in jewelry stores though, but soap and water will do the same work too. Avoid soaps with ingredients like bleach and harsh chemicals that may damage your cufflinks. Soak cufflinks for a few minutes and brush them gently with an old soft toothbrush. Bristles of a new brush can be stiff and sharp and can cause scratches on your cufflinks surface.

In the event that your cufflinks get damaged, many times it’s a wiser decision to opt for professional service than to fix them on your own. It may cost you extra money but you do not risk your cufflinks further damage by having a professional fix them instead of you. For enamel cufflinks, bring them to a good enamel restorer. Professional jewelers or cufflinks makers can restore your cufflinks back in shape.

Adam English invites you to take a look at the latest men’s cufflinks offered at Specialists in sterling silver cufflinks, men’s unique gifts and accessories – you’re certain to find something to your liking.

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Jewelry Tips

Women love to purchase jewelry and today there is a wide variety of jewelry to choose from. This includes everything from modern to traditional jewelry with your choice of metal. With all of these choices available to you, there are definitely some things that you must consider before you make your purchase. These things include:

1. Do you want to purchase just 1 piece of jewelry or an entire set? You need to know what you want to buy before you ever enter the jewelry store.

2. What is your budget like? The cost of an item will depend upon its weight, size and the materials that it is made out of as well as any taxes.

3. Will this piece of jewelry complement the look that you are trying to achieve? You may find several pieces of jewelry that would work which is why you will want to try the jewelry on in a mirror before making your final decision.

4. Do you want to purchase a piece of jewelry that has stones in it? If so, then make sure that the jeweler weighs the gold without the stones so that you are paying the appropriate price for the piece that you are purchasing.

5. What is its true quality like? This is very important, especially whenever you are considering purchasing something as precious as gold or a diamond. For this reason, you should be knowledgeable about these things before purchasing any jewelry.

6. Is the design truly attractive and up-to-date with the latest fashion trends? Consider whether you want a contemporary or a traditional design. This way you will not be tempted to buy something that you are not going to be happy with in the end.

If you are able to keep these tips in mind the next time that you purchase a piece of jewelry, you will be able to get a truly beautiful piece of jewelry for yourself.

Tanya Little likes everything to do with jewelry. She also really like horse jewelry and she even likes to sell wholesale costume jewelry.

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Lighting Tips

Lighting needs have to take into consideration the function of a room. While soft, intimate lighting my be appropriate in a small dining room, or a bedroom, you certainly do not want it in your kitchen, bathroom, or office. So let’s go one room at a time and figure out what you will need:
· Kitchen- A ceiling fixture that lights the whole room is a must. You also need task lighting over your kitchen sink and in your major work area. If your table is in the kitchen, a dropped fixture over the table is appropriate. Use a dimmer switch on that fixture so that you can regulate the mood. Track lighting that can be aimed at a butcher block island or a breakfast bar is useful.

· Bathroom- Recessed lighting in an enclosed shower stall is a must. Over the sinks use strip lighting or fixtures mounted on either side of a framed mirror over each sink. If you have a jacuzzi tub, a ceiling fixture on a dimmer switch can promote romance or give you enough light to read a book.

· Dining room- Unless the room is cavernous, a chandelier on a dimmer is all you need.

· Family room- A ceiling fixture for those dark and gloomy days, or to provide all over light for your party is a must, but don’t forget the task lighting! If there is a game table, it must have its own fixture. Easy chairs should have a floor or table lamp next to them for reading or any close work.

· Bedrooms don’t require a ceiling fixture, though a ceiling fan/light combo is always nice. Night stand lighting, or a floor lamp by a chair is required.

· Formal living room- No ceiling fixture is necessary here. Track lighting that can be aimed at furniture groupings or important wall hangings, a few table or floor lamps and you are all set. 

Lisa Mason is a freelance writer with a specialty in Internet content and SEO articles. She has written thousands of articles, hundreds of ebooks and thousands of website pages and related content. She has also authored her own books and works as a consultant to other writers, Internet marketers and Internet businesses.

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Road Trip Tips

The Joys of summer – Piling into the car with the kids and happily setting off for the beach, or camping trip. Sure the setting off is happy, but the ride itself can get tedious, noisy, and sometimes downright unpleasant. Let us take a look at some ways of approaching the family road trip to make it a pleasant experience for all.

First, let us keep in mind that much of this is age dependent. So, let us address first the family with kids under 12. Then we will talk about older families, and finally, a couple of points just for the adults.

My experience has taught me, that if you have little kids, the best thing to do is to leave really, really early in the morning. That way, you get a few good hours of sleep out and a quiet start to the trip. Dress them in their traveling clothes the night before and tuck them into the car, belt em up and hit the road. For winter trips, it goes without saying that you should warm the car up first so they will be comfortable right away.

Next thing, when you do need to stop, do not go to one of those big roadside stops. Pick a quiet rest stop, and provide your own refreshments from your car refrigerator. The good thing about the quieter rest stops is it provides a more relaxed atmosphere for the kids to run around some before getting back in the car for the next leg of the journey.

There are some great car cooler products on the market today, in particular 12 volt cooler just like having a fridge in your truck or camper. These 12 volt appliances everything from portable food warmer to popcorn makers can give you the conveniences of fresh food on the road, without the crowds at busy rest stops. Pack your own 12 v products, and road trip happily ever after.

I personally love making my own coffee on the road nice and fresh without any lines to wait in. With a 12 volt extension cord, you can make the coffee on a picnic bench near the car.

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