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It is very hard to get the best and biggest farm on FarmVille but if you put in the effort, use these tricks and check back often you will gets lots of money. Also help your neighbors as they might repay the favor if you are away one day.  FarmVille does require you to think and use a little bit of math to plan out your routines but this should be simple.

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FarmVille gives you set amounts of time until your crops can be harvested. If pumpkins take 8 hours to grow, you have an additional 8 hours to harvest after it has finished growing. When you plant make sure you add the same amount of time it takes to grow to the time it takes to harvest and that is how long you have until the crop goes bad. I personally never plant Raspberries ad they give you no experience points but can help get ribbons. I have only planted raspberries a few times on FarmVille and that was since that was all that “Green Thumb” ribbon required.

Blueberries definitely pay the most on FarmVille and can make you good money during a day. Try to plant them as many times as you can in a day. It takes four hours for blueberries to grow so you can harvest them every now and again. Also try to plant the long harvesting crops at night. I’m talking about Rice,Aloe Vera, Tomatoes and Pumpkins. This way, when you wake up in the morning, your crops will be ready for harvesting.

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Always try to plant more than only one crop in your farm. Try to plant different items and combine blueberries,tomatoes,pumpkins,watermelons and grapes. If you must have FarmVille animals, then move them to the side where only one row of space is left. They do not need a large area space to live and they do not get you experience so they are really not worth it.

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