Bridal Shower Tips

Bridal Showers are an important part of the wedding planning. They offer a bride a fun time to relax along with her close friends and relatives. They also help the bride in establishing her home by receiving practical gifts. A bridal shower is usually held about four to eight weeks prior to the wedding. Usually, the bride is consulted before setting the date unless it will be a surprise party. Many times a bride will have more than one bridal shower to attend to, so it is always better to involve her in the planning. Remember the objective is to offer her a relaxing experience and not to stress her out. The shower is usually hosted by the maid of honor, bridesmaids, close friends, or relatives. It can be an all girl party or a couple’s event which is referred to as a “Jack and Jill” shower. Bridal showers can take place at a home, restaurant, spa, or even at an outdoor area such as a park or beach. Bridal showers can be planned around a particular theme. The bride’s interest should be considered in choosing a theme. Some popular themes include tea party showers, lingerie showers, kitchen item showers, around-the-clock showers (where everyone is assigned a time of day for which to select a gift) and travel gift showers. Here are some tips to help in planning the bridal shower.

Bridal showers are usually an afternoon event. They can take place during the week as well as on the weekend. Guests that are co-workers tend to prefer a week day event. Closer friends and family may elect a weekend instead. It is usually a good idea to have some type of consensus before sending out the actual invitations. Also, remember to always check with the future bride’s schedule first.

Typically, showers held at a home would in include some type of finger food. These could include appetizers, fancy dips, salads, and soup. Showers held at a restaurant may have more elaborate food and showers held out in the open may include a barbeque. Also, the food should somehow follow the theme. For example, a beach or luau theme would go great with Hawaiian type foods.

The decorations should complement the theme. If it is a tea party, lace and delicate flowers can used to accent the tables. For a beach party theme, gel candles and seashells can be spread around the tables. A kitchen theme party can be accented with fruit centerpieces. The colors used in the bridal shower decorations do not necessarily have to follow the wedding colors but could be an option.

Games are not necessary but they serve as ice breakers for guests that are not that familiar with one another. Avoid games that get too personal and can embarrass your guests. Small prizes are usually handed out to the winners. Following are three fun game ideas.

Bridal Dress Competition -The guests are divided into small groups (3 to 6 people). Each group is given 3 rolls of toilette paper rolls and is asked to design a wedding dress. One person from the group is chosen as the model and will have to walk down a runway showing the dress. The bride chooses which dress she likes best.

Bridal Bingo – Make “Bingo Cards” with 25 empty spaces. Each guest should write in the gifts that they think the bride-to-be will receive. As the bride opens the presents, any matches should be marked on the card. When the card is full, the guest wins a prize.

Clothes Pin Game – Each guest receives a clothes pin upon arrival and are told that if they catch someone saying the word ‘bride or wedding’ they can take their clothes pin. At the end of the shower the guest with the most clothes pins wins a gift.

Bridal shower favors are not necessary but make your guests feel appreciated. They do not have to be as elaborate or expensive as those given as wedding favors. Many inexpensive favors can represent your particular theme. For example, personalized tea packs or coffee packs can be given out at a tea party shower. A nice idea for an all girl party may be pretty compact mirrors.

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