Breakup Tips

A few breakup tips can save you weeks or even months of unnecessary suffering. And even though you need a complete system of understandings in order to know exactly what you have to do to heal your broken heart after a breakup, a couple of breakup tips can go a long way. Here are two breakup tips that will greatly improve your situation (if you follow them, of course):

Tip #1: Don’t think too much. Why not? Because when you’re down, you don’t think in your best interest. You come up with all kinds of negative ideas, limiting beliefs and terrible conclusions about life, relationships, men, yourself and pretty much everything else. When you feel negative, you think negative. So avoid doing it for a while. If you can’t help yourself, don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re not yourself in these moments so “forget about it” as they say in the movie “Donnie Brasco”.

Tip #2: Don’t stay alone. Don’t isolate yourself from other people. Socialize and go out as much as you can. Staying alone will only trigger your thinking process and guess what you’ll think about. Right. So make sure you have other people around you at all times. Meet with your friends. Meet with people you haven’t seen in a long time. Start dating other men. Engage in any activity that captures your attention. Why? Because otherwise, your entire attention will be captured by pessimistic thoughts related to your breakup. And, “what you think about expands” so instead of those thoughts fading away, they get stronger and take over your mind. That’s probably not what you want, so make sure you don’t fall into this trap. “Ignorance is bliss” when you’re dealing with a breakup.

If you take these breakup tips into account, they will dramatically reduce the number of days it takes for your heart to heal.

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