Job Interview Tips

Having a job interview makes you anxious? This article describes what aspects should be monitored to successfully face this process. As recognized, the most important thing is that the interviewer finds a safe and positive impression of you at first sight. The personal interview is the most important test of any selection process. Although there are no recipes for overcoming it successfully, it is essential that the candidate spend a reasonable time to prepare for his meeting, so it can “provide clear, concise information about his career and a secure print”.

What aspects of the aspirant must prepare before attending a job interview?

It is recommended that the applicant review all data on your resume and reconsider about their motivations and expectations regarding the vacancy. During the interview, the coach will seek to “identify the competencies and capabilities of the candidate, in order to assess their suitability for the post.”

Structure of the interview

The interview is usually divided into three phases: the start of the appraisal and closing. During the first, it is important that the candidate care issues such as greeting, shake hands warmly, addressing the selection of treatment with you and express gratitude for the opportunity you are providing.

In the second stage, the interviewer will explore areas related to career training and employment of the candidate and the reasons for the role. The goal of screening at this stage is to clarify expectations, skills, abilities and professional attitudes. Although it is uncommon, the applicant may feel uncomfortable with questions raised by his interlocutor; it is advisable to address this situation in a natural conversation, responding to safety and in an honest manner.

At the end of the interview, the candidate selector presents all the information about the general conditions of the post. It is at this point that the applicant should remove any doubt, and reiterated their interest in the position and briefly explain why they ran for the job.

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