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So you’ve tried all the diets and on numerous occasions starved yourself in the hope of losing weight…… and excuse me for being to the point. You no better off than when you started!! Correct me if I am wrong!
Below I have listed a number of points as to why your diets have not worked. Avoid the mistakes and really start losing weight:

• When dieting, your body believes it is starving and therefore starts to save fat, as this is the way it stores energy.

• Guilt, low Self-esteem and despair is normally accompanied when you ‘break’ your diet, and is often followed by ‘comfort eating’.

• Our bodies require proteins and vitamins to function to its optimal level, lowering our calorie intake per day therefore has an adverse effect on your body, making it more challenging for your body to attain its daily requirements.

• When dieting, you are easily irritated and living with you, becomes un-pleasant.

• Your base metabolic rate is lowered when dieting, which in essence means you can eat less to keep you satisfied ( for the time period which you dieting ), however, when you do return to eating ‘normally’, the rate at which you put on weight is extremely fast, thus your weight being greater after you diet, than before.

• Eating Healthy does not mean starving!

• Your body chemistry changes when you diet, bad breath can be one of the side effects.

• Are you a smoker? If so, you probably ended up smoking more as a result of your diet…. And I’m sure we do not need to go into the effects of that.

• Muscle loss can be as a result of severe dieting… if this does occur from your heart, it can have severe consequences.

• Constipation is often accompanied by dieting. Therefore toxins and carcinogens are present longer within the bowels. Fruit and vegetables has a positive effect on the digestive system.

It’s time you stop wasting your valuable money on diet programs that do more harm than good. Join us on we review, what works… And what don’t.

Lose Weight Tips

When you realise that you need to lose weight what is the first thing that you do? Search for a diet and then start on it? This would be the approach that most people take, but with most diets, they make you stick to a strict regime that must be followed to lose the weight. Instead you could find some lose weight tips and then follow them. To lose weight you do not necessarily have to follow a difficult and awkward diet plan, you just need to make a few small changes to your lifestyle.

Follow these lose weight tips to watch the pounds come off quickly and easily

– Walk to work or school instead of taking the car or bus. This is very easy to do, plus you will save money too. A brisk walk can burn a surprising amount of calories without being too strenuous. This is perfect if you are a beginner to any form of exercise.

– Eat a large plate of vegetables. This will help you to feel full, and most vegetables are very low in calories, so you won;t be going over your daily limit. Avoid sweet vegetables like swede, parsnip,carrot and sweet potatoes. These are high in calories so opt for green vegetables like green beans which are loaded with fibre and low in calories.

– Don’t weight yourself too often. This will help you to avoid feeling demotivated if you haven’t lost weight overnight which is very unlikely, not to mention unsafe.

– Never skip breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day, and kick starts your metabolism in the morning after at least 8 hours away from eating. Your metabolism need to be keep in great shape if you want to make it easier to lose the weight

– Don’t eat sugar. Sugar is the sure-fire way to gain weight, and not lose any. It causes you to store the excess sugar in your blood as fat which you just don’t need. Sugar can be found in many processed foods, even in slimming foods and snacks, so be very careful when checking labels.

– Boost your metabolism. This is definitely the best thing you can do for your weight loss. Your metabolism is the rate at which you burn calories, so the higher it is, the more calories your will burn and therefore the more weight you will lose. Don’t waste your efforts dieting with a slow metabolism, you can burn more fat with the same amount of dieting efforts if you just increase your metabolic rate

Want to find out how to speed your metabolism? Want more weight loss tips? Get this info for free at for lose weight tips.

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Twitter Tips

1. Smile. Everything on Twitter is public.

2. Tweet only. Twitter is not a substitute for personal or business email. Everything on Twitter is public.

3. Tweet regularly, so followers have something to follow.

4. Get to the point. You have only 140 characters, so say what you have to say, period.

5. Blow your own horn, but softly. Followers want to know who you are, what your are doing, even what you are selling, but followers will turn off blowhards.

6. Twitter is a social networking site: anyone can find you and see who you are following and who is following you. Everything on Twitter is public.

7. Tweet. This is not Facebook, Linkedin, Plurker, or any other website. Unlike Facebook, for example, Twitter does not ask your permission before establishing links between users (for the exception, see number 12 below). Everything on Twitter is public.

8. Any message containing @yourTwitterID is a “mention” that appears in your replies (your Home; at right of your Home page, click @yourTwitterID to see just where you have been mentioned). This means that your staff, customers, family, and friends can increase the visibility of your Twitter page, provide a link to your Profile page, and you can see how they are working you into their tweets.

9. If you use your real name at Settings/Name, people searching by your name can find you on Twitter, and your name would appear on the Profile page open to the public; this enables people to find you by name, in addition to your username (business name).

10. Yes, you may tweet through your mobile phone; set it up at your Settings/Devices page.

11. Protect your copyrights and trademarks by remembering that everything on Twitter is public. You post it means you release it to the public, publish it online.

12. Using the privacy protection option limits who can view your updates to those people whom you approve. This option omits your updates from the public timeline, and this keeps your updates out of search results. This is not a marketing strategy.

(C) Anne Millbrooke 2009

An award-winning writer and experienced editor, Anne Millbrooke of Bozeman, Montana, has corporate, academic, government, and non-profit experience. Anne has written and edited reports, press releases, exhibit text, scripts, web content, speeches, articles for newspapers and magazines, chapters of books, and books. Her AVIATION HISTORY book is used by universities and flight schools around the world. Her latest book is a 700-page reference work on ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, AND ALPHABETS OF AVIATION, A GUIDE TO CONTEMPORARY AND HISTORICAL TERMS FOUND IN AVIATION LITERATURE. Anne is available to help you get the product you need:

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Sales Tips

Here are a few tips I use when I was working with a direct sales company. How to get a customer to listen to you and even buy something. Techniques to get someone to be interested in your product or service.

Everyone knows that any kind of marketing is nothing more but a numbers game. The more people that see’s your product or service the more likely of a chance you’ll get then to buy. Along with that it would be the way how you present yourself and your product/service.

5 Steps:

1. Impression:
This is the customer’s first impression of you. It is also where you want to make the customer feel comfortable with you.

Try these technique:
-eye contact

2. Short story:
The short story answers the question of “who you are?” “what you are doing?”

Avoid using words such as selling, sales, buy, cheap, old, expensive, or bought. Words such as these can kill impulse.

3. Presentation:
Your presentation will answer the question: “What is it?” You will need to built enough impulse here so you can bring up the question “how much it is?”. The key factor in your presentation is to put the product in the customer’s hands if you have a product. This will give the customer a sense of ownership. As people are more likely to buy if they can feel the product.

– Remain excited but not desperate

4. Close:
Closing the deal is making sure the customer has come to a conclusion about the purchase of a product/service.

Keys to closing:
– Be serious
– Have direct eye contact
– Stress the deal
– Assume the sale
– Ask yes – yes question
– Nod your head

Closing lines:
“how many do you want?”
“how many would you like?”
“how would you like to pay for that check or cash?”

5. Rehash:
Get the customer to pick up more or have them refer a friend or family who might need or want one.
This is the most important part as it will help you create more leads or get you another sale to the same customer depending on what kind of product or service that you are selling.

Make the customer feel special! Not everyone likes the same thing.

Always Be in control

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Health Tips

Reducing cough
Getting rid of cough becomes a problem sometimes. Here’s an easy tip you can try and probably get rid of the cough. Mix some salt with few whole black peppers. Take a pinch of the combination with water. Don’t forget to take this thrice daily.

Reduce Anxiety
While mild anxiety can increase interest and attention, high anxiety can impair attention and concentration, and therefore, limit the recall of learned material. That is why, if you are too anxious during a test, you forget what you earlier knew very well. Actually, your memory is okay but anxiety is interfering with it. So try reducing anxiety.

Cleaning Eye Makeup
A petroleum jelly or a cold cream can be used to remove the stubborn eye makeup. It is a very economical method which even works on waterproof mascara.

Menstrual cramps
To get relief from menstrual cramps peel a few garlic flakes, fry them in butter, cool, add sugar and swallow a couple. Find relief in 15 minutes.

Mask (normal/combination skin)
Mix one egg, half teaspoon oatmeal and a teaspoon olive oil until smooth. Apply on your face and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse. It will help refresh your skin.

Oil Hair
If you are always complaining about the excess oil produced naturally in your hair then you can use the following tip.
Use three teaspoons of lemon juice in your hair after shampooing it. Then wash it thoroughly. Use this twice a week for better results.

Garlic and Pimples
It’s been ages and the pimples on your face do not seem to go away. Instead of worrying about them, do something about it. Take garlic extract and apply it on them. This not only helps to get rid of them but also removes their marks.
Body odor
Body odor due to sweating becomes a big problem for many people. To get rid of this odor, add some Alum in the water you are using for bathing. Its effects will hinder body smell.

Memory Improvement
There are many ways of improving your memory. Shortage seems to increase if we pronounce the names of the items out loud- especially if they are grouped rhythmically. Grouping items into threes or fours also seems to aid recall.

Castor Oil
It is rich and thick oil used in hair oils and eye cleansing creams. Use it often for hair growth and dark thick eyelashes.

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Basic Stock Tips

What is the difference between private placements and an IPO? What does a stock’s P/E or price per earnings indicate? When is the best time to buy a stock? What does it mean to short sell a stock? What do the high and lows of the fifty-two week range indicate? Is it a good idea to diversify a portfolio? Stocks can be very complicated especially to someone who has never done anything with them. But, once you learn the terminology and understand the process stocks are not that difficult to understand. If you are new to stocks and the stock market then you need to be introduced to a few basic topics.

One of the basic topics that you need to know about stocks is buying stocks. When you buy stocks you need to first of all know what the company does. To start off it maybe a good idea to buy stocks from companies that you know about. For instance, if you really like Apple’s products and their service then you should look up the Apple stock. It is often helpful to look at internet sites to look up stocks and gather information about stocks. You should look at the P/E ratio or price per earnings. The price per earnings should be pretty low. You should also look at the fifty-two week range. If the price is at the lower end of the fifty-two week range then the stock may go up. Also, if is at the lower end of the range this means you probably aren’t overpaying for the stock. It is important not to judge a stock by it’s price. A high priced stock doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it and a lower priced stock doesn’t automatically mean it is a bargain. These are some basics that beginners should know about stocks.

Another thing that a beginner needs to know about stocks is that it is important to diversify your portfolio. It is not a good idea to have too much money in one stock because if that stock has trouble then your whole portfolio will be in trouble. It is not a good idea to have half your money in one industry like construction, technology or food stuffs. Basically, it is good to have variety in your portfolio. By the same principle, it is a good idea to not just have stocks, but to invest in other things like mutual funds. The bottom line is do not put all your money in one place. This is another important thing that a beginner needs to know about stocks.

These tips certainly won’t answer all your questions, but they are a good place to start. If want further advice then you should consult the internet or other free resources like investing magazines. But, if you really want serious assistance and advice then you could consult a stock broker or a financial specialist. If you put time into learning about stocks and the stock market then you will won’t be a beginner for long.

Chuck R Stewart discovered that through traditional means private placement is expensive and difficult to obtain. He also found that a IPO was one of the most efficient ways to raise money.

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Breakup Tips

A few breakup tips can save you weeks or even months of unnecessary suffering. And even though you need a complete system of understandings in order to know exactly what you have to do to heal your broken heart after a breakup, a couple of breakup tips can go a long way. Here are two breakup tips that will greatly improve your situation (if you follow them, of course):

Tip #1: Don’t think too much. Why not? Because when you’re down, you don’t think in your best interest. You come up with all kinds of negative ideas, limiting beliefs and terrible conclusions about life, relationships, men, yourself and pretty much everything else. When you feel negative, you think negative. So avoid doing it for a while. If you can’t help yourself, don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re not yourself in these moments so “forget about it” as they say in the movie “Donnie Brasco”.

Tip #2: Don’t stay alone. Don’t isolate yourself from other people. Socialize and go out as much as you can. Staying alone will only trigger your thinking process and guess what you’ll think about. Right. So make sure you have other people around you at all times. Meet with your friends. Meet with people you haven’t seen in a long time. Start dating other men. Engage in any activity that captures your attention. Why? Because otherwise, your entire attention will be captured by pessimistic thoughts related to your breakup. And, “what you think about expands” so instead of those thoughts fading away, they get stronger and take over your mind. That’s probably not what you want, so make sure you don’t fall into this trap. “Ignorance is bliss” when you’re dealing with a breakup.

If you take these breakup tips into account, they will dramatically reduce the number of days it takes for your heart to heal.

Heartbroken No More – An elegant and 100% practical collection of tips, understandings and strategies specifically created for women who want to heal their broken heart quickly and easily after a break up. Paolo Alberto will show you highly effective ways to get over a break up now, instead of suffering for months, at

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Veratrex Bed Tips

A bed without the right bedding isn’t complete. Fortunately, Veratex produces a wide variety of bedding products that can help you create the perfect place for getting zzzz’s. But like the notes in a tune or the ingredients in a recipe, you should select the right pieces when creating a bedding ensemble. Here are some tips for choosing the best Veratex bedding.

1. Take your cue from home improvement magazines and websites.
Veratex offers a wide variety of bedding ensembles, with different designs, colors, and textures. How do you make up your mind what look to go for? Seek inspiration from home improvement magazines and websites. Even if you already have a general idea of what you’re looking for, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. Gentlemen (and ladies), start your frantic dash for the search engines!

2. Ask questions and give answers.
When constructing the perfect Veratex bed, you should ask yourself certain questions, including:

* Do you want contemporary or traditional bedding?
* Do you want bedding that is elaborate or basic?
* Do you want a light, dark, or white color palette?

After you have asked and answered these questions, you will be one step closer to choosing the perfect Veratex bedding.

3. Complement other décor and furnishing in the room with the bedding.
Make sure that your Veratex bedding pairs up well with curtains, carpeting, the bed itself, and so on. This includes both the style and color of those items.

4. Make changing the other décor of the room an option.
What should you do if you locate a Veratex bed ensemble that you MUST have, but which doesn’t match up with the room’s current décor? Consider changing the other décors in the room, even if you must do it gradually.

In the process of selecting décor for your bedroom, the bedding is critical. These tips will help you create a bedroom that’s the perfect place for catching 40 winks and a snore.

Jane Miltchin is an expert on Veratex bed linens and the director of the popular blog LuxuryDuvetCoversInfo.Com. For honest tips and advice on luxury duvet covers, check out the website today!

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Green Tips

We all love tips

Americans are suckers for tips, and lets face it, I am too. I can’t resist the daily AOL teasers, like the one I read yesterday, about ’10 Ways to Improve your Marriage’. I had to click, and read the whole article from tip 1 to tip 10. One click for each new tip. That’s a lot of time spent on one article. Today, I can’t tell you what it said, but I remember nodding with appreciation, as I read it. My point is that people love tips, but do they really use them? Blogger gurus are all big fans of ‘numbered headlines’. If I want to be a successful blogger, I need to give readers numbered lists of practical recommendations they can hang on to.

Do green tips work?

I should have numbered headlines? Part of me resist the idea. I am French after all, and we French have a natural aversion for anything too simplistic. For us, articles with numbers in their headline just lack finesse. Nothing in life is that simple that it can be reduced to a rounded number of recommendations. That’s one thing. If it’s going to work however, I can put my feelings aside, and join the rest of the blogging crowd. The more important question is, in the area of green education, do tips really work? What do people do with them? And do they really use them?

We need for an extraordinary teacher

There are hundreds of sites, literally, that dispense green advice of some sort. Once in a while, I go and visit. I revisit, and I am struck most by what I do with the information. I do nothing with it. Am I not using the stuff, because I lack the motivation to apply it, to begin with? Or is green an altogether different beast? Or are these sites going at it the wrong way? My first thought is that going green, is kind of like trying to do homework in one’s least favorite subject. What’s needed is an extraordinary teacher, to transform the green learning experience. Al Gore started the process. He got us convinced, that green is a worthy subject matter. Next is the less obvious challenge of answering the how’s, and of getting people to do their homework. Green tips are just a collection of loose pages from a yet to be assembled green textbook. A textbook only as good as the teacher.

Marguerite Manteau-Rao is a blogger, ecopsychologist, and green girl wannabe. Since April 2007, she has chronicled her hours as a green girl wannabe in La Marguerite, her blog at:

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SMART Interview Tips

Interviews can be rather stressful if you are not prepared or don’t know what to expect. While some industries have their own way of conducting interviews as would be the case when some large organizations are involved and the choose to use the interview by panel route, the basics for all face-to-face meetings remain the same, regardless of the size of the organization. I have taken the opportunity to list the ‘basics’ below.

Before the Interview:

• Research the company so that you will be able to speak intelligently on the subject when asked. The degree of research you need to do is directly proportional to where you expect to be in the organizational hierarchy. Individuals applying for entry level positions need not to be as informed as those individuals who are looking for senior management positions

For the Interview:
• Dress professionally i.e. wear conservative clothing, appropriate shoes, minimal jewellery, little or no perfume
• Bring breath mints and pop one in your mouth before the interview begins – NO CHEWING GUM
• Dress one level above the job you are seeking
• Bring a portfolio or briefcase with you that contains extra copies of your résumé, a notepad and a pen
• Turn OFF your cell phone or Blackberry and put it away will of your other electronic gadgets
• Arrive at the interview destination at least 10 minutes before the interview is scheduled to begin. the coffee cup outside! You really don’t need that kind of security blanket.Leave
• When you arrive at your destination, introduce yourself to the receptionist. Don’t forget to smile!

During the Interview:
• Smile
• Wait to be asked to take a seat
• Take a seat AFTER the person who is doing the interview has taken theirs
• DO NOT accept an offer for coffee although accepting a glass of water is perfectly fine
• Remain as calm as possible
• Questions that you should expect to answer during the interview include the following:
• Tell me about yourself – This question is directed at your qualifications for the job, not about your extra curricular activities. You want to demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the job.
o Why do you want to work for this company?
o Why should we hire you?
o Why did you leave your last job?
o Where do you see yourself in five years?
• If the question that is being asked of you needs further clarification, do not hesitate to ask for that clarification.
• It is perfectly fine to take a moment or two to compose your thoughts before to begin answering the questions posed by the interviewer.
• If you are unsure if you have asked the question completely, as the interviewer if you need to expand on your answer
• Be prepared to ask questions of the interviewer when given the opportunity. Good questions to ask include:
o Why is this opportunity available?
o What is the turnover rate for employees in this company?
o What is the timeline for filling the position?

End of the interview:
• Ask for the business card of the interviewer.
• Read the name and job title of the interviewer
• Thank the interviewer BY NAME for his/her time and consideration

• DO IT! – Send a thank you card or, at the very minimum, a e-mail that details how much you appreciate being considered for the job.

©Salvino 20090618

Mary Salvino MBA is a freelance writer and career/business consultant who lives in Vancouver, BC. She has decades of experience in all aspects of career and retail management and is a valuable resource to both corporations and individuals in the area of strategic planning.

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